Every time I think I am out – They pull me back in (Love and hate relationship with IPAs)

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While I can certainly appreciate the flavors and work that goes into them, I honestly have never “loved” IPA’s. Not to say that I hate them out right or anything, but finding one that I absolutely love is a needle in a hay stack.

So why keep trying them? Well mainly because of that reason. Maybe, just maybe, that next one will be another needle in the pile of bitter hop bombs. I’ve been doing ok, with most of my picks falling into the it’s not bad, and I am glad I tried it, but damn am I glad I only got 1 bottle of this. Or, conversely, wow this is not for me, and I am glad i only have to drink one. So for me, for every, 90min IPA, RuinTen, Stone IPA, or Wookey Jack, I get a challenge beer.

With it still being technically summer time, excluding the fact that Oktoberfest, and Pumpkin beers are out on shelves already, I am still giving them a shot. I had planned on holding off getting a 4/6 pack as Sierra Nevada’s BeerFest 12 pack sampler is supposed to hit the shelves this week, but of course I had to take a last minute look at my local shop before a family tasting party yesterday.

Quickly scanning the selection I, of course, found myself back in the same situation:

Brewery I have heard a lot about but never saw in my area before? Check.

Very Fresh? Check.

So while I planned on window shopping only, Out I went with a six pack of Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA.

Reading up on the Brewery and their products, it had my interest piqued at the comment of them being English traditional style with a twist.  Maybe that was what I was missing?  Maybe I was trying too many of the “west coast” style IPA’s. They do seem to be the most prevalent “style” that I see in shops, and for the most part I have not tried all that many traditional English brews.
In tasting a bottle, I was impressed overall.  Not quite as bitter as the Hop Head Red i picked up last week,  but still not malty enough for me. On its own it was good, something i could drink and enjoy, or order if i saw it on a menu at a restaurant.  Pairing it up with some left over cheese from Sundays Belgium tasting gathering,  It fantastic, a little extra sharp cheddar cut right through the bitterness.
So here we are:  Have I come to any definite conclusions on the style?  Not really, but as least now I finally think i narrowed it down to what exactly I am looking for in one. 

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