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Rochefort LogoSave Rochefort’s Water Source

This story has been in the new for a few weeks now, but I’ve noticed that the attention it’s getting is starting to tapper off and I wish to keep it in people’s minds.  Recently it was announced that the mining company, Lhoist, that mines the limestone quarry near Rochefort (the town and the Monastery) is seeking permits to expand and deepen the mine.  This would cause the ancient Tridaine spring that is used by the town of Rochefort and the Abbey to be blocked.  Lhoist has guaranteed that they’ll dig new wells that would match the needs of all parties, but they haven’t mentioned anything about the quality of that water.


Water is the single largest ingredient in beer, making up 90-95% of the beer.  Additionally, the mineral content of the water plays a huge role in how the brewer uses the water…

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