Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Review #3 – IPA

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IPA, Belgian Black IPA, & Imperial Red Ale
IPA, Belgian Black IPA, & Imperial Red Ale

Links to past reviews: Belgian Style Black IPA, Imperial Red Ale


Of the three varieties I found this one to be the most traditional. Light pale caramel color – nose of pine and light citrus from the Cascade and Citra Hops.  It is bitter but not as over the top as its West-coast brethren.

Personally, I would have liked to see a little stronger malt presence but this is coming from a non super fan of IPA’s.  So feel free to take that with as many grains of salt as you please.

Overall, it is a completely enjoyable IPA, and one you could drink a few of and not have your taste buds fried out on.  Is it breaking new ground? No not really?  Is is something with the West-coast vibe, that is not taken to the 100x level?  Most definitely. Another “gateway” beer for sure.

Final thoughts on this season’s beercamp:  All in all this a rather solid collection of beers.  Each one different, but still complimentary of each other.  None of them stepping on the others toes. Given the vast distribution these are going to have, I can see them opening up some new drink choices to people who otherwise might not try them.   Like anything else from Sierra Nevada they as solid offerings and should be tried at least once if possible.


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