Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock: Another blind stumble into greatness

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Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock


When it comes to shopping for niche items,  and it does not matter if we are talking about beer, cheese, meats, produce, you name it:  You must chat up your sellers.  Not only is it great to talk with people who have pride in what they are selling,  the suggestions once they get to know you are top-notch.

Which brings us to last week when I stopped in to pick up the beer camp sampler.  I was idly looking at the German shelf, to see if I could find any Berliner Weiss (The Bruery’s Hottenroth was all they had).  Which was the point when he gestured over to Celebrator,  and asked if I had tried that one yet.  Easy enough bottle looked cool, price was fair, off we go.

Pouring dark mahogany, with smallish head,  I took my first sniff. It is hard though to place what i was smelling, or honestly what i was drinking. The only way I can describe it was extremely enjoyable.

To quote on of my often times referenced politician, “That beer, it pretty (read as: really fucking)  good.”  I had to fight the urge to gulp it down.

Velvety smooth mouth feel,  extremely balanced, no noticeable alcohol presence.  Much like Wookey Jack, what made it so great was what you weren’t picking up. Was it so complex it was stubble?  So stubble that it was complex?

Only points that could be possibly be taken away are due to the fact that it sells only in a four pack.  Though, this is possibly one of the only times you will not hear me complaining about that.

If you have not tried this one, add it to your list.  For something so highly rated, (as I found out after the fact) and so readily available there is no reason not to!



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