Augustiner Maximator – Doppelbocks Revisited

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Augustiner Maximator by Augustiner-Bräu

Given how enjoyable the tasting experience was with Ayinger’s Celebrator (please click here for that review) I would be remiss to not try another one for the fear of it not living up to the first tasting.

As I have found, along with Belgian Ales, German or German Styled beers are becoming my fast favorites.  Topping dare I say, my decade long love of all things stouts and porters,

Looking at the bottle, There is something cool to see brewed since 1325 or a good 300 years before Europeans began permanently settling where I have lived my whole life, to put it into perspective.  Also nice, is that the gold foil can actually be unwrapped.  It is not glued on like with Bohemia.

Pouring I was treated to a dark ruby color (close to say that of Dr Pepper?) very light, barely visible carbonation, and the slightest wisp of a head.  Also this was the first time i ever saw a bb sized bubble of beer roll around on the head for a good 5 seconds before it popped and settled into the beer. Fascinating as anything!

Smelling and tasting, Maximator’s flavors were much more up front,  more assertive, but in a good way.  Stilling getting used to the standard descriptors, but i would say: Sweetness, bready, raisins,  The malt flavors grow with each sip and smell.  I did not let it warm up all that much,  but you could pick up on the flavors blooming as you sipped.

By turning up the presence knob on the flavors, Maximator does have a stronger alcohol presence. Not enough to say it is hot or anything,  but with this one the ABV (7.5%) does make itself known.  For comparison I would place it at 5 on the dial as opposed to say Weihenstephaner’s Hefeweissbier Dunkel’s 6.5.

So maybe not the best dead of summer beer, but as the nights are getting cooler and cooler, it is just about perfect.  A great style for pre and post Octoberfest.

Again this is another highly rated bier, that is easily found at any well stocked shop.  Not to mention, that it is a great style not all that common (that I have seen at least) in the Craft scene.  A nice holiday from the normal.  And like so many travelers I might not come back 🙂


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