Brux: Can you Domesticate a Wild Ale?

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As the label says this is a domesticated wild ale.  Is that even possible?  Would it be the farmed bison of the beer world?

In a short answer, yes you certainly can “domesticate” a typically wild ale.  This comes across as a slightly tamer, more refined version of the typical American style sour.

Given this is the closet I will get to actually being able to buy a Russian River Product in New Jersey through normal channels (pending next summers Beer Camp World Tour sample pack), I would be crazy to pass it up.

Pouring a slightly hazy apple juice color with a huge initial white head, it quickly subsided to a nicely lacing head with a steady carbonation in the glass. The nose right after uncorking was pretty similar to Sour in the Rye, again champagne like.

Upon tasting though, the flavor was much lighter,  While still dry and refreshing it was very tame.  A perfect starter wild ale?  Quite possibly,   A good over all example of an American wild Ale? Sure.  Worth the $15.99 price tag? Hard to say,  it was good for sure, but not great.  Certainly worth trying, but given the pedigree this carries, I can not help but be a little disappointed.

It does not on the bottle that this is good to age, so maybe it will call for a follow-up in a few years to see if anything changes.  All in all though, it is quite good, but misses the mark on great if you are looking for a truly wild sour.  Though it more than lives up to its name.  Check it out if you can and share it with a friend.


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