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Great news for the NJ local beer scene!

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‘I Drink Good Beer’ has a great post documenting the canning process of Carton Brewing’s Boat Session Ale, the first New Jersey craft beer to be packaged as such.

It was a really interesting look at the canning process, something I haven’t really looked into before. I also think it’s a big step for New Jersey craft beers. Even though they’re currently only doing the canning on like an off-and-on basis, if it sells really well (and I’m pretty sure it will) they’ll probably bring the canning in-house or at least keep doing it more consistently with Iron Heart Canning.

And Carton put up on their Facebook page a really cool thing about why canning is important for this particular beer:

The last step in our Boat mission is a can. As much as we have reveled in every Boat Beer ordered in a bar or poured…

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One thought on “First Craft Beer in Cans from New Jersey (via

    Paul Venesz said:
    August 29, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    thanks for the reblog! Definitely good news for the NJ craft beer scene!

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