Welcoming fall with B. Nektar’s Black Fang

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a6ed7d482e0611e388be22000a1d1fe4_7Black Fang was one of my favorite samples from last weeks Big Brew Beer Fest, and I wanted to give this one another shot, as I did not feel the sample size did it justice.

It pours a clear deep cranberry red / purple, and had some minor carbonation.  Nose was of dried cloves dark fruit and a touch of the orange zest.

Taste is mildly sweet with a huge clove presence up front.  This fades into the honey and fruit notes.

Over the course of the bottle though, the strength of the clove is a bit much, and made an otherwise easy drinking mead just a touch hard to finish without taking your time.  For the fall and winter though, the heavy-handed spicing will be welcome addition.

All in all, this was an enjoyable bottle, and I am glad I tried a full one.  Not sure if I would go for another by myself but I would not have a probably sharing one with a person or two.


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