New for 2013: The Revamped Six Point Autumnation (now featuring Wet Hops!)

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“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” – John Donne


Up until this year Six Point’s Fall seasonal had been pumpkin based.  This year though, based on fan requests, they have changed the recipe to make it a Mosaic “wet hop” laden India Pale Ale.

Also to note, this was my first tasting of a “wet hop” beer.  Not sure what to expect, but if others are similar, I am most decidedly looking forward to trying more!

Again as this wonder brew comes in a 16oz can, it was drunk from the can, so no comment on color this time around.

The nose is of a light Pine and citrus.  Taste is similar, with a very dry finish  with just enough hop bite to it.  The malt is just right nothing to sweet here.  It really does invoke the fall season.

Pricing wise given that it comes in four 16oz cans it is pretty fairly priced coming out to about the same as the 12oz six pack of DC Brau IPA I got the same day.  If you see this one around and you want a fall beer but are not in the mood for a pumpkin Ale,  check this one out.



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