Trying some more Rye Beers with Six Points Righteous Rye

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90ab71343dd311e3ad5822000aaa094d_8I am continuing down the East Coast canned journey and taking another stop at Six Point.

If nothing else i was rather intrigued by the product description:

“They should be good men; their affairs as righteous: But all hoods make not monks. Beneath a deep blanket of snow there is a cereal grain that can survive the harsh winters and acidic soils – RYE. Like a draped hood over a monk, it is the righteousness inside that shines.”

Was I getting a Rye Ale, or some kind of Abbey Rye hybrid?  I had to know for myself.

Again – I drink them right for the can, which has not steered me wrong yet.

This is a very smooth drinking ale.  My first can was on the slightly warm side.  I got a huge hit of malt sweetness all biscuit flavor with a touch of the rye spice.  The second can was a bit colder and gave more of a Rye bite the first few sips as it warmed.  In either case the hops were strong enough to give it a little bite on the finish,  but nothing more.

Righteous Ale is probably my favorite beer from Six Point I have tried as of yet.  No joke,  from the nose to the finish, it is that good.

All in all this is a very enjoyable brew, and from what i have read a stellar example of the style.  Again, like Autumnation, it is pretty fairly priced and should be easy to find at most places.  This one would be good just for sipping or with dinner. I can see it holding up against even the spicest stuff.  Pick up a 4 pack and share with friends over wings,  curry, or Thai. 🙂

The more I have of Six Point’s offerings the more I want to check out the harder to find items.  Hopefully I can find some Diesel or 3Beans over the winter!


2 thoughts on “Trying some more Rye Beers with Six Points Righteous Rye

    mouldsbeerblog said:
    October 26, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Love this beer, it’s one I don’t take advantage of quite often enough, since it is pretty much available everywhere in central and northern NJ these days. Have you had Bengali Tiger or Resin? In my opinion, those are great IPAs!

      Bierbattered responded:
      October 27, 2013 at 7:43 am

      Have not had Bengali tiger yet. I had an older can of resin was not super impressed. may need to check it out again.

      I agree they are all super easy to find in most places in jersey

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