Trying Southern Tier’s Double Milk Stout

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Milk Stouts are an interesting brew, sometimes very sweet, or some times roasty, but always smooth and tastey.

Possibly presaging the Guinness is good campaigns with similar claims of being: “Ideal for nursing mothers, for the healthy, for the invalid, and for the worker.”  Are any of those true?  eh maybe?  but then again I am not the FDA 🙂

2x Stout is different in that it is an Imperial Stout, taste wise though it is similar to a regular milk stout compared to the differences between a stout vs. Imperial stout.

2x Stout pours a deep dark brown,  with a thin mocha head.  Nose is roasty with a hint of chocolate.  Mouth feel wise it is creamy and dense.  I did not pick up too much sweetness (nothing too over the top in this respect unlike some of ST’s other offerings) but the roast and chocolate were fairly laid back in the taste. Finish was clean and very enjoyable.

Personally I preferred 2x Stout to the standard Left Hand Milk Stout, but would be hard pressed to pick a winner between it and their Nitro.  Of course, my favorite of the genre is still Carton’s Milk.

Considering their distribution area and ease of finding it,  and the price tag of around $8.99 per six-pack, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal when it comes to an everyday drinkable stout.  I will be buying more of it for sure.


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