Dogfish Head year round Namaste, Tweason’ale highlight changes to 2014 beer lineup

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(Milton, DE) – Dogfish Head unveiled its 2014 beer lineup on Friday and, as is tradition, is holding a couple beers up its sleeve.

Most notably, the company will drastically change packaging and available for Namaste Belgian White Beer, taking it from an occasional release in 750ml bottles to year-round six-packs.

Tweason’ale will go year-round leaving some extra room for each seasonal to transition from two months to three months.

Raison D’Extra will return.

Two new mystery music collaborations will debut replacing the one-off American Beauty.

There will be some cuts elsewhere in the lineup as well. According to a company blog post, “Raison D’Etre will be going to draft-only, and we won’t be brewing any Immort Ale, Chateau Jiahu, My Antonia or Black & Blue next year.” These changes are despite the addition of a new 200-barrel brewhouse this past summer. That said, they aren’t necessarily permanent.

World Wide Stout returns next month but it doesn’t look like it will return in 2014, having been left off of the official 2014 calendar.


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