Russian River Beatification Batch #6 to be released on December 14th

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Russian River Beatification(Santa Rosa, CA) – Russian River Brewing Co. announced a big upcoming beer release via Facebook on Saturday.

We are releasing the next batch of Beatification, our 100% spontaneously fermented barrel-aged sour beer ,or “Sonambic”, on Saturday, December 14th! We have just over 1,000 cases available!

Beatification is a brewpub only release and will also be available on draft- yum! There will be a limit of 12 bottles per person at $18/bottle. A case of Beatification would look great under the Christmas tree! We will open at 9am that morning and have 2 options for our guests: there will be an area just for bottle sales if you want to get in and go. And anyone desiring a breakfast beer is welcome to join us in the pub.

Batch #5 was released at the end of March 2012 so this release has been a long time coming.


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