Beer Bacon Jam

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heard about this once before on an episode of Fry Masters.. what’s not to like?

I was recently introduced to a wonderful, mind exploding, taste bud jumping condiment – bacon jam.

Yup. Bacon. Jam. It’s how it sounds too – completely awesome.

It was served up as part of a dish at the East versus West: Food and Beer Title Fight, Round 2 at Five Bar as part of WA Beer Week. As the name suggests it’s the follow up to the very popular event that happened during Melbourne’s Good Beer Week at Josie Bones.

I messaged my partner who immediately looked up a recipe, finding this one on and despite the lengthy list of ingredients it sounded pretty do-able. It also sounded like my heart would clog up and stop but hey, life is full of risks.

There were a few adaptions I made to the recipe because a) I wanted to put beer in it b) we didn’t have any whiskey in…

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