Baby it’s Cold Outside: A quick recap of the Samuel Adams Winter Favorites Sampler

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I was looking for something different , and figured after hearing how great Old Fezziwig is (and it is), and catching a chance post about the Cherry Chocolate Bock, I had to give it a go. 5 winter brews plus what at this point should be called the old standard that is Boston Lager.

I am listing them in order of favorites but really they are all good, albeit in some cases a middle of the road ez-listening type brews.  You know what though? There are times when those are perfect too.  James Last, the very same gentleman of music, threw us the ultimate curve ball with the must listen too “Voodoo Party”  after all.

1)      White Christmas – I am still trying to put a finger on what made this unfiltered wheat ale so good,  honestly though it doesn’t matter.  Without question it is my favorite of the group just prefect to enjoy on a winters day.  Added plus for me being, you can get it outside of the sampler in its own six pack!  I know what i will be enjoying this winter and many more to come.

2)      A Tie – Old Fezziwig & Cherry Chocolate Bock.  Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to have a drink that smells and tastes like a cherry cordial candy?  It was tough to pick a runner up between this and Fezzi’s holiday cheermistering so I didn’t.

3)      Boston Lager.  It has been around and popular for nearly 30 years and with good reason. While I would love to see a barely wine or some other winter brew (even a spiced or otherwise kicked up Cider) in this spot I can see why it is here.

4)      Winter Lager  honestly it was not all that different from Boston Lager on either tap or from the bottle (to glass)  I will try letting it warm up a little more to see if that changes anything. Ranked slightly lower to avoid two ties on one list.

5)      Juniper IPA.  Honestly it tasted like an IPA.  Again I will try letting it warm up even more but I did not pick up on any Juniper.  If one brew should be a candidate for gin barrel aging it would be this fella.

Cheer Folks, drink up and stay warm and toastey by a fire.  If you got one that is.. or a space heater If not.


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