Goose Island Lolita: Mini review

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I had all but given up on finding or trying any of the “4 sisters” when as luck would have it, I stumbled onto over a case of it, for a rather good price.  Taking it as good of a sign as any to try another wild ale  I grabbed a bottle.  Its been a while and i needed a shot of sour to change things up from all of the stouts and winter ales.

The color is a beautiful ruby red with that familiar wild ale nose.  Taste is tart not all that much raspberry to me honestly.  Riserva had much more fruit to it, (and was also more sour).

Don’t get me wrong it was a very enjoyable bottle (as all of Goose Islands Belgian ales have been), but I do not think it holds up to the general higher price these go for.  I would say if you have not had it can can find it for sub $20 its more than worth it, but for more than that  I personally would pass.



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