Giving Beer Portfolio Pro for Android a test run

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Cover artHappy 2014!

A huge thanks to Mike Jones for giving me a chance to test drive the Beer Portfolio Pro Android app [Playstore Link]

I had first heard of the Beer Portfolio website from my friend Ryan Mould on his blog, for his review take at look at his great blog!

Why use this app (either the free or pro version) over /with Untappd? that would probably be the first question anyone would ask.  At this point it is safe to say Untappd is ubiquitous and to say that is basically a given on any of our smart phones in the same manner that a twitter client or instagram would be, is not a far-fetched statement.

While they are the same in that they let you track your beers, they are otherwise hitting the exact opposite ends of the spectrum. Like the web site, the app is very clean and easy to navigate, taking you right to where you need to get.

Untappd is all about the social integration, where as Beer Portfolio is focused on you, perfect if you just like to check off unique beers.

This makes it much easier to go back and search your beer list, and keep track of things.  The one current issue I have though, is that currently it does not allow for 1/2 stars, which given the other levels of personalization it allows, is definitely missed.  Not a deal breaker by any means but that would be my first feature request.

It is great to see a breakdown of my top style and flavor choices.  The con of this detailed breakdown is the number of N/A’s in the style listings.  Currently my number 2 style choice is N/A, which given my off the beaten path choices of brews is not exactly wrong, but would be something I would also like to see updated in future database updates.

Speaking of the database, after a few days of playing with the app I have found several beers not yet included.  One was Fegley’s Hop’Solutely, which I can see being missed, but the other was the Bruery’s Sour in the Rye.  Obviously there will be missing beers, no problem with that, but I can not figure out how to add new ones, either in app or on the web page.

The Pro version of the app sells for $1.99, and gives you widget support (current two: a beer search and a beer of the day widget, with many new ones planned) no ads, and a nearby brewery listing.  I would try the website or the free app for a bit and see if you like it, but I would definitely go with the pro version to support the author.

Beer Portfolio Pro - screenshotBeer Portfolio Pro - screenshotBeer Portfolio Pro - screenshot

The Pro’s:
Android support!
Very clean and organized interface – matching the Websites UI.
Fine tuned style and flavor profiles based on your ratings.
Recommendations of styles or beers to try.
Many New Widgets coming soon
Ability to scan barcodes to pull up the beers (an additional app download required to use this, but you can use the same scanning app as RateBeer)

The Con’s:
No half stars
Can not (or easily at least) add new beers not yet included in the database
Location awareness for beer recommendations (not sure if seekabrew or something similar has a distribution API?)  Untappd only recently has been getting better with this one, so not a huge issue.


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