Crossing the Frozen Bergen County, with a Saison In hand – 21st’s Sneak Attack

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I would have love this one to be released on Christmas day, but seeing how and historical sources have been warped enough, Early January is close enough.

Living in North Jersey for most of my life, I have been surrounded by places George Washington has slept, walked past, eaten at, dropped a duce.  Hell i even knew someone who lived in a house that was an 18th century brothel.. With Washington, lets face it, you can not escape him,  its like he ran around the whole area knowing they would put plaques up everyplace he stayed.

Is it in our nature to love Saisons that attack without warning, on a holiday no less. Getting ready to crash the Hessian’s annual Polar Beer Club meet up, beer belly at the ready.

Interestingly enough though, I found Sneak attack to be on the lighter side,  if not for the spicey bite, it was almost as light as wit.  I don’t want to say watered down, because maybe I am used to stronger or Brett spiked Saisons at this point, but I found it bordering on Wit territory.

I put it up there with DC Brau’s El Hefe Speaks, pretty good, but not the greatest.  Given the convenience of having a fair priced Saison sold in a 12oz package make it absolutely wonderful edition to your winter stock pile for times when warmers or high octane stouts are burning you out.


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