Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (2013)

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I wanted to come up with a catchy, flashy,  begged to be clicked on headline for this, but that would only cheapen the experience.

Much like the somewhat easier to find high ABV cousin: 120min IPA, finding one just sitting out on the shelves is a reason to celebrate.  Yes it will cost you a bit, with bottles for both going for around $10, but in the end it is an experience one should have at least once in their life.

Having found my bottle at the lower $8 price tag, I would have kicked myself later if I did not pick it up.

I was on the fence about opening it right away or not.  Yes I know what I wrote yesterday about the matter.  With the weather the way it was and having gotten out of work a little early,  I figured why not have something really nice to go with dinner.

Going into it I was not sure what to expect.  I have this love hate relationship with DFH.  I absolutely love that with everything they brew they swing for the fences, but on the other hand, it ends up making people, myself included either love or hate it.  There is no middle ground with these guys no meh forgettable beers.  That is awesome, and a great conversation maker.

After letting it sit out for a bit while dinner got sorted,  I poured it out into my #craftgeer Nonic Pint.  Jet Black, next to no carbonation, with only the thinnest of a mocha colored head.

The nose was light shocking for a high-test brew such as this, chocolate, maybe a hint of roasted malts, light vanilla, nothing overpowering.

Sipping was the same,  I would put it closer to a Port experience than any other stout I can think of off-hand. Also to note at 18% you would think the booze would blow your head off.  In fact, the alcohol is extremely hidden, coming across as a slight warming, than any kind of head on assault.  It was only with the last few sips that I picked up on any intense burn. Wow this beer plays nice.

Very chewy – extremely to the point of dangerously drinkable. I had thought 120min, or Stones w00t stout went down easy, but WWS is a different story all together.

You could drink it like any other stout if you wanted.  But I would only say that was a safe move if you were at home and having it with a hearty meal.  Probably good that this is not sold in a 4 pack.

My final verdict: this is easily one of the best Stouts I have tried, it more than lives up to the hype / reviews. It is unique, & off centered, & I love it.

Could you store this for a bit and see what changes?  Sure you can, and many do.  Personally though,  If i see it or am given some, I am drinking it ASAP.  Next up of course is to find some on tap!


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