The Great Flying Oyster Shoot Out

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East Coasters Rejoice! We have another Oyster Stout to Enjoy.  Earlier this month Flying Fish re released the third  beer of the NJ Pride based Exit Series – Exit One Bayshore Oyster Stout.  Along with Flying Dog’s Pearl Necklace, and Fordham’s Rosie Parks (DE only at this point sadly) We now have the trifecta of Delaware and Chesapeake Bay sourced oyster stouts.

“What is an Oyster Stout anyway?  And why would I want to drink such a thing?” You might ask.

Well the combination of the two goes all the way back to the beginnings of stouts in the 18th century, when oysters were a commonplace food often served in pubs and taverns, or by workers enjoying a pint on the docks while shucking some freshly gathered oysters.  Even the inclusion of the brewing process is over 80 years old at this point.  The first known use of oysters as part of the brewing process of stout was in 1929 in New Zealand.

What you end up with is a slightly fuller bodied stout (thanks to the protein in the oysters) And a hint of brininess. Does it taste like you are doing oyster shooters?  No but there is a hint of it in there,  Think Oyster Sauce with Chinese Food (which I personally think pairs up extremely well with Oysters Stouts, almost as perfectly as Wild Ales and Indian Curries).

So onto the comparison  – Both are good, but my personal pick has to be Exit 1.  I found it to have much more depth of flavor, more pop. The roast was stronger giving some coffee chocolate and roasted notes.

Pearl Necklace was more balanced and mild. Maybe a hint saltier. There is a hint of chocolate there, but it is not as prominent.

So really you can go either way depending on your preference on the flavor profile of stouts. Flying Dog Makes a donation to Oyster Restoration with every purchase, and Flying Fish links to the Exit 1 oyster restoration website, but I am not sure about donations from sales.


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