Where to go from Here?

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This is more a of stream of consciousness thought breakdown than anything.

Running Bier Battered the way it is has been fun but I do wonder if I should try taking it a different direction?  Not being able to get out much does limit things, in terms of going to events or festivals etc, & there are plenty of great just the facts news feeds..

Maybe take some of the twitter random thoughts and post them here for discussion.  Generate some more comments and discussions.  Something to differentiate Bier Battered and add some fresh content more consistently?  Hell I feel like I should put up another poll or something.

Don’t worry I am not to the point of going the Perez route and start drawing mustaches and eye-patches on photos of any Marco / Marco Owned beers.  Though that might be fun for a bit admittedly, but would go completely against my whole “drink what you want I am not judging you – just the beer” stance.

I am up for any ideas you guys want to throw out there.


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