Beer and Film Pairing Pt IV

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Now this one is pretty much tied hand in hand with MST3K.  If not for the show I doubt any of us would have ever seen this gem of cinema.

Back Story (honestly more interesting than the plot…)  An Insurance and fertilizer salesman active in the local theater scene,  Harold Warren, makes a statement that it is not that hard to make a horror film, and takes a bet that he could make an entire film on his own.  Now this could have gone 2 ways.  We could have ended up with the Horror equivalent of Clerks (something NOTLD would have done Romero stared in it too), but alas we are instead taken down the Ed Woodian route.

Long stretches of driving, 32 second max length scenes, horrible dubbing, moths flying around the camera at night shots.  Scenes added that had no point to the plot but featured the “star power”  Miss El Paso or something to that effect.  Forget the script they would have been better off improving the whole thing like in a Christopher Guest movie.

Yes is it possibly one of the worst films ever sure.. but still they were committed to making it come hell or high water.  The same reason why I can’t hate Ed Wood stuff..  they intent was there it was the execution that failed.  A truly terrible movie is something like Pearl Harbor or Gigli, or whatever..

So what to drink..  I was thinking you needed to drag it out, like the movie.. but really you need to be drunk and drunk fast I won’t call it unwatchable sans the riffing but it is rough.  So I say Habenero Sculpin with a Sanka chaser,  because fire burns, just ask Torgo.


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