Bad Movie and Beer Pairing: T-Rex takes LA

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I admit  I saw this one in theaters,  It was between this and Con Air, and my friend really wanted to see this..  Why I don’t know…

We are 2 of the 4 people in the theater, and in 5 minutes of it starting I found I had no choice but to heckle it.  So away I go,  my friend trying to shut me up.  Then the other 2 people in the theater joined in or started doing it on their own..

We already mentioned Jeff G at the highpoint in his career, and here is a low..  Ian Malcolm, blah blah blah,  second island?  Or was it the same island? Blah blah has daughter, blah blah brings daughter to dangerous island? Why?  Blah blah t-rex runs a muck in LA blah blah fin..  that’s about all I remember..  makes Godzilla 2000 seem great…

So what better beer to pair with this but Corona.  Over marketed over advertised and completely vapid with no substance.  Actually no that doesn’t really work.  The first was over hyped yes, but good for the time..  Better yet I pick Molson M “Microcarbonated Beer”.

What is that you say? I never heard of this prior to searching for the worst beer gimics ever and this came in as #4 on the list. “According to Karine Brunelle, brewer with Molson Coors, “The injection of smaller CO2 bubbles makes it possible to preserve not only the taste of the hops but also the delicate flavours generated by the yeast during fermentation.”  Also, according to Molson the smaller CO2 bubbles won’t make people as bloated drinking their beer.”

The Black Keys were even used in the Commercial.  Molson M currently sits with a 16 rating on rate beer.


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