Beer and Bad Movie Pairing. Might as well end this round with a bang

Posted on Updated on Spider Invasion.  Yes that one  the one where they cover a VW Bug  in black shag carpet and attached giant piper cleaners to it and drive it in reverse so they can use the brake lights as eyes..

Better or worse than the one Shatner was in?  Hard to say.  This one has Alan Hale in it, and his first line he calls someone little buddy..  And he is not on an island or talking to Bob Denver. There is some star gate like imagery, and UFOs made of paper plates.  Pure unashamed Cheapnis.

It’s kind of like the Blob, minus the Teen aged Angst and Steve McQueen.  Or Kevin Dillon if you want to go that way that’s your call.

When you get the night terrors from this one only something such as Maui Brewing CoCoNut PorTeR,  Its black in color, like the spiders, but it also has coconuts and little buddy does love his coconuts.


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