Bad movie and drink pairing, just when you thought it was safe to….

Posted on Updated on was thinking of making this one a double feature.  But honestly as bad as Ghost Dad was (and you would think Poitier and Cosby would be a sure win, Just look at Uptown Saturday Night, or Let’s Do it again) It was not awful, the premise was a bit cheesy but different. The satanic cabbie can only be topped by David Johansen’s or Mr.-T’s attempts at the job.

Silly kiddy movie yes I will give it that,  but still it is by no means the horror show that was Leonard Part 6.  They never released 1-5 as they were so bad they would have ended the world, or something.  They even are kind enough to point that out in the opening credits.

Vegetarians try to take over the world by teaching animals to kill humans and this is 20ish years before M Night tried it again with the tree’s go to war or, whatever that movie was called? The lady, in the village, senses a happening in the water or something?

Not to mention – Joe Don Baker is here.  Of course, the script writer wasn’t, and you cannot forget that this was the 80’,s the height of his commercial power.. No one could say no to Bill.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always usually found him found genuinely funny, but  it is not here.  This is no Chicken heart,  or Noah, or To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With, and especially not his HBO special…  This is kids say the darndest things, filtered through not RAW, but Meet Dave era Eddie Murphy, on acid, in space,  minus any penguins,  and co-starring Joe Don Baker..

The story as told by the director (Paul Wieland – also directed Mr. Bean, but then again also Made of Honor and City Slickers II, so I guess he is a glutton for punishment then) reads like a kinder not drunk rehash of Orson Well’s radio out takes,  minus promises of any oral pleasure if he could be proven wrong:

Director: “the pacing seems to be a little slow..”

Cosby: “you worry about filming, let me worry about funny” (paraphrased from Wikipedia)

Let’s see, what else?  Leonard had a Gypsy helper who gave him magical condiments to scare the killer animals.  Garlic Butter sauce for the Lobsters,  some Peter Luger’s Steak sauce for the cows, you get the idea.

Fear not though, some good came from this movie.  It was so bad, in fact that during the promotional campaign Cosby told people to not waste their money to go see it..  I think he even went to pick up the Rassie(s) that he won.

Now normally I would try not to be so obvious, but with this one Jell-O Shots are the only option.  It’s the only way you will possibly not remember any of it..


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