Ramstein – Tradional Style German Beers direct from Butler NJ

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It has been a while since I did a straight up beer review. So I will be taking a break from the Cheesy Movie Pairings which I was writing to take a break from actual reviews.

Anyway, With the announcement that Action Park is coming back I had a kick of nostalgia and wanted to take a look back at the first brewery I went to and the first craft beers I ever had. It also does not hurt that I found some nice and fresh in stores last week.

I forget the year exactly, but it sometime in the late 90’s. My father happened to be watching a bit of Uncle Floyd, and happened to see an ad on there for a new Brewery close by that was doing tours. With nothing else to do that Saturday we headed over to Highpoint Brewery home of Ramstein beers.

It was an interesting quick tour before heading over to the tasting section. At this point it was all one big room, but I believe they have changed a bit since then? I want to say there were 4 beers on tap but I only remember for sure the Blonde (traditional Hefe) Classic (Dunkel) and Winter Wheat (Weizen Bock). Crazy stuff given the lack of styles most general places were selling at the time.

From then on, I would see them in stores from time to time, never that often sadly. I was able to track down some Classic last week and jumped on picking it up to try it again. Even after trying so many different things as of late, this still holds up.

A little clove light chocolate, not too sweet, just a joy to drink on a cool spring day. As the weather gets warmer take a look at the Blonde, honestly one of the best American wheat beers I have tried so far. Light but not feeling watered down, just right, holding its own with any German one I have tried.

This a great company putting out great traditional style beers. I am not sure what their distribution foot print is like, but if you are in Northern New Jersey it will be around in stores, but there is always the Brewery itself. I believe the tasting room is open Monday – Friday. I do need to get back out there some point soon, it is just too close to not hit up.



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