Canadian movie and beer pairing – Rock & Roll Nightmare – Starring Thor

Posted on Updated on just love these low-budget tight timeline films.  Yes sure you can get drivel, but on the other hand you can strike gold.

Here we have the late 80’s Canadian heavy metal horror film Rock and Roll Nightmare. Written produced and staring Thor. Yes Thor,  honestly one of the coolest birth names ever:  Jon-Mikl Thor. Apparently he is also a big fan of coke classic.

Budget wise I am sure it was on the original Evil dead level. It was also shot in a rushed 7 days. Let’s start – there is an evil farm-house home of demons and what not, who are portrayed by puppets. Are some of them cheesy? A bit yeah, but still they work so well.

The evils kill of the family living there and the house goes abandoned.

Flash forward and a metal band is going there to record or rehearse. Driving a supped up Mr. T approved Love Van rocking not only Canada plates, but a USA-1 plate  you know this is going to be good.

The soundtrack harks back to the classic Carpenter synth stuff, acting is what you expect, but the puppets man they were great. So, one by one the evil picks of the group, claiming their souls..

Or did he? Only Thor knows the secret to bringing him down. And he does it in a way what would make Ozzy, the Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper proud – teased hair – studded leather thong, and greased up with kheils?


No spoilers here but the end battle is the stuff of legend. You can watch either the full movie or just the battle scene on Youtube.

If we are talking sleeper Canadian films, we need a sleeper beer (and one we can actually get in the states) I say Unibroue Maudite.


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