How to Build a Beer Travel Case

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for all you beer travelers out there

I think about beer

Part of the fun of beer tourism is bringing home a bunch of trophies you can’t find at home. This is especially true when you’re traveling overseas. Unfortunately, this complicates the process because of limited space and complex airline regulations regarding weight and size allowances. The solution? Build a beer suitcase. To be fair, this isn’t my idea. It was provided by a friend who has a friend that makes them. He gave me the rough idea which I translated into action and this post.

Here is your supply list:

1. A hard sided suitcase with approximate measurements of 12″x18″x28″ which is a total of 58″ dimensional inches. Most airlines have a maximum size allowance of 62 inches. You can try looking at thrift stores, but I bought mine at a discount store (Ross or TJ Max).
2. Grey packing foam. I brought a 108″x48″x1″ sheet at a packing/shipping store…

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