Saturday June 15th – Dirty Drinking in Jersey will be putting on their most over the top show yet, & possibly the last?

Posted on,width=190,height=190,appearanceId=2.png/men-s-hoodie_design.pngMy friends at Drinking Dirty in Jersey have been having an interesting week to say the least. They had received word from Blogtalkradio that there had been some complaints / people offended about some content on their show and were asked to tone things down if they wanted to keep their prime time spot.

Now this is internet radio, and really much like buying a record with a buzz saw cod piece on the sleeve, you should know what you are getting into after reading the name of the show or the shows description.

But anyway, what happened, happened, and DDIJ had a choice of what to do tone it down a bit, ignore it and continue as usual, or take it to the next level of offensiveness.

They choice to go on / go out in a blaze of drunken insanity that they promised would top any WTF moment that has come before. There will be drinking, I am assuming vulgarity, Andre the Giant Worship, and even precious bodily fluids if their teaser has any truth to it.  Will this be the end for their run at blogtalkradio?  time will tell but I have the feeling that this one is going to go down in the record books either way.

You can tune in on Saturday June 14th and listen along to the ensuing carnage of drunken debauchery @


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