Summer Lovin’ but still not time for IPA’s for me anyway

Posted on’t get me wrong I like them well enough, and can certainly appreciate them, but if I am outside relaxing or grilling or doing yard work they, session or otherwise, have to be the furthest things from my mind. If you are inside in the AC or out to dinner sure go for one.

What am I turning to this summer (where it is already hitting past 90 with God knows what humidity levels in NJ)? No surprising choices if you follow along. For the most part they are old world traditional brews.

Berliner Weisses: Why oh why can’t these delicious brews come in a can? I would drink nothing else all summer if Hottenroth or 1809 came that way. Just tart enough to be interesting and refreshing at the same time plus the super low ABV will keep you level-headed as well as rehydrate you so some degree.

Wheats: Another year round favorite that fits right in during the long hot days of summer. There really is not a bad time to drink one

Shandy’s / Radlers: These guys are getting some of the big hate / love this season. Are they or aren’t they beers? why would someone want one? Etc.. Again they are crisp and refreshing and just scream summer time picnics pulling them out of a cooler by the lake or whatever.I know i am ticking some people off-putting them on here, but I like them 🙂

Lagers: With so many styles to pick from I am leaving this one open-ended. I had my first Helles Lager last night. Nice and malty without being too sweet. It felt familiar flavor wise but still being something different. Easy to drink and very welcomed after being outside for a bit.

Saisons: Still unsure if they would be a middle of the day choice, but as the sun is setting? Most definitely.

Goses: As Augie Carton sort of put it, they are the Gatorade of the beer world. Now if only we could get more of a selection in NJ.

Kolschs: I have not yet tried one but they are next on my list. Top fermented like a lager, but seems with a little more hop bite and carbonation if I am reading the style guides correctly.

Pilsners: Not to be forgotten, the Noble Pils. In my mind nothing better defines what beer tastes like. Even the casual drinker would sip one and say “Now that tastes like beer.” That’s not a knock to the style it’s a classic for good reason. In my mind something like Sixpoint’s The Crisp is the perfect boat beer – Crisp, refreshing, not super hoppy or malty just light and tasty.


Drink up and stay cool everyone!


One thought on “Summer Lovin’ but still not time for IPA’s for me anyway

    Bryan Roth said:
    July 4, 2014 at 5:46 am

    Wonderful pics!

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