Boulevard Brewing makes it’s way to NJ, and is on the shelves now!

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12 pack sampler plus #tank7 in NJ! #craftbeer #beertography #njcb @Boulevard_Beer

For a while now I have heard nothing but amazing things about Boulevard Brewing. Fair Priced, amazing beers. With the announcement it being purchased and its distribution footprint increased, I had my fingers crossed that it would make it out here at some point.


Well that time is here, the standard year round offerings (for now at least, I am not sure if more of the rarer Smoke Stack Series will be distributed up here) are on the shelves in Bergen County. I ended up grabbing a 4 pack of their Tank 7 Saison and the 12 pack sampler, which is 2 year round beers plus 2 tasting room only releases.


For this pack that means, you get 3 bottles each of the year round, 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat, and Unfiltered Wheat. For the tasting room releases we have: Oatmeal Stout, and Mid-Coast IPA. There was also a 12 pack of Pop-Up Session IPA that I passed on, if you are looking for something lower in ABV.

I will be breaking up the tastings as I try them, and will update this post with links back to each separate review.

Tank 7 – The Farmland comes to NJ

Double Review: 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat & Tasting Room Oatmeal Stout

Final Review: Unfiltered Wheat & Tasting Room Mid-Coast IPA


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