Finishing up the Boulevard Sampler: Mid Coast IPA & Unfiltered Wheat

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Rounding out the last of the samplers we have the Unfiltered Wheat, and Tasting Room Mid Coast IPA.

The Unfiltered wheat is a great example of the American Wheat Style.  The Yeast is there but instead of the bubblegum you are getting nice refreshing citrus notes.  Not bitter but not really sweet it, hangs around at the back of the sip peeking out from time to time.

Obviously cloudier than 80-Acre it is also lower in ABV, coming in at around 4.4% to 80-Acre’s closer to 5.5%.

From the label and company Description:

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer is a lively, refreshing ale with a naturally citrusy flavor and distinctive cloudy appearance. It is reminiscent of the wheat beers that were brewed at the turn of the century, before the advent of modern filtration. This easy-drinking American-style wheat beer has become our most popular offering….

Again I agree completely with their description. This is a midwest brewery after all, to come up short with a wheat beer would be an insult to the grain belt, and this one delivers.

Finally we have the Tasting Room Mid-Coast IPA.

By their own admission, coming in at 104IBU, this is the hoppiest beer they have made to date (Even their Double IPA Double wide, comes in at 74IBU).  Go back to eating Ham Dingers you nervy Midwesterners 🙂

Admittedly I am not the hugest IPA fan, so while I may not be as excited in my review of it, by no means take it as a knock against the beer.  Mid Coast IPA is a good and finely crafted IPA, and tastes like what an American IPA should. For the record at this point, my 2 absolute favorite IPA’s are Cape May Breweries Centennial IPA and Ballast Points Sculpin.

There is a nose of Pine, some citrus, & lemongrass.  While it is not super bitter nor overly malty.  Like everything else I have reviewed it is balanced and refined.  For you IPA fans out there, I think you will be impressed.  At5.2% ABV it is not quite sessionable, but it is down right drinkable.


Well Folks, for now thats it.  I will be reviewing Double Wide in the up coming weeks, but I hope you enjoyed following along, and get a chance to try some of these fantastic beers!









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