Boulevard Double-Wide Double IPA Review

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Until something new hits the shelves, this will be the last of the Boulevard reviews.

Double-Wide is what I would call a classic styled Double IPA. I found it to be close in taste to Dogfish Heads 90min IPA. For me the big difference is that Double Wide is sweeter by a fair bit, which may be pushing too sweet for many. Mid Coast IPA may be the better pick if you are looking for more modern take on the styles.

From the product description: Double-Wide IPA uses Columbus and Magnum hops for both bittering and aroma with Chinook hops added in the whirlpool. It is dry hopped with generous amounts of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops. The resulting beer has a hop forward aroma, redolent of peach and apricot. The assertive flavor bursts with the citrus qualities of blood orange and lemon with a slight caramel malt backbone to balance the intense hop flavor.

A little chewy, a little sweet, but all in all it is an enjoyable DIPA. I will not have any trouble finishing the 4 pack, but unlike the other offerings, and this is entirely a personal preference, I cannot see revisiting it as quickly as the others. The same can be said about 90min IPA to. Great to have every once and a while, but not something I would want to drink every week.


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