Looking back on Pumpkin beers and fixing my gaze onto Winter Beers

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Pumpkin beers, yeah… Wow,I really was not in the mood for them this year. I had a grand total of four.  Two were samples, and one of those was a 50/50 blend with a stout.

This is no particular reason I avoided them this year.  In all truthfulness, I did have the desire to grab them over Labor Day weekend down in Wildwood as something different from what was on tap at places, but that soon faded, pretty much when I found none on the shelves just yet.  I did see them later in the week but that store had Carton Cans, so you know which I picked.

After that, any want or interest in them pretty much passed. At the point of writing this, I should have had more “winter” beers by the end of the week than I did of any Pumpkins. Those will, of course, be a whole set of other posts

I know there was a fair bit of push back about how early the Pumpkins came out this year, i.e. basically the end of July. Did that effect anyone’s purchases though?

I can’t say it had much to do with my avoidance of them, which I think is more do to always finding something better or more interesting to pick up instead. For the most part I found them to either be really good or kind of meh. Is there less forgiveness when brewing pumpkin beers that there are with Winters?

Speaking of Winter Beers though, I am actually excited to try them, even retry some of the ones I had last year. Maybe it’s the weather, or the holidays coming up?  Or is there is more wiggle room in what you can do flavor wise with them over Pumpkins?  I am not sure.  Maybe deep down i am not a huge fan of gourds?

Do you guys have and Pumpkin favorites, or Have any Winter Beers you are looking forward to?


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