Anheuser Busch Eyes The Cider Market

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Honestly I am on the fence about this one..  It can either go ok or be a train wreck.  Not seeing much of a middle ground.  As long as they do not play up the sweetness too much, and keep it on the dryer,  it may not be all that bad. Would I go out of my way to try it? No, but I would if it were right in front of me at the store. – Vin

In case you thought hard apple cider was a fad, you might want to think again. A-B InBev will launch their own hard cider in 2014 called Johnny Appleseed.

Two Anheuser-Busch distributors have contacted Beer Street Journal in the past hour, mentioning that the mega brewer has a big brand launch that is separate from both their beer and “Rita” offerings.

It is long overdue too. Major competitor to A-B, Miller Coors, acquired Crispin Cider last year, running it through their Tenth & Blake Division. The only cider involvement by A-B can be traced to Stella Artois “Cidre” and Mich Ultra Cider.

An official announcement is coming some from A-B InBev.




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